The Tubecoin System

Tubecoin is the online engine for a moneyless economy. With Tubecoin you can organize your life in the same way you do now, but without money, banks or credit.

bartershares can be used to grow a local market based on personal trust independent and without need for a currency. Goods and services now sold for a price can be offered in exchange for other goods and services. If the local community has the essentials for a viable economy, bartershares can make it run smoothly.

Unlike common bartering systems bartershares allows packaged products to be traded and normal stores and business to participate.

Another unique feature of bartershares is that for some traded goods it allows division of its 'shares' to be traded as well. Trading divided shares takes care of the problem of precise valuation between shares.

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Questions and Answers email question

(28 2009-05-19) No Money at all?
Q: Bartering is on the rise. Media attention is growing. the below article reminds us of its obvious advantages..
A: The article
(27 2009-01-11) Remark on precious metal stores
Q: zynyxl asserts: The bank stores should take a storage fee in order to encourage share movement as well as cover the real costs of storage. In response to this video
A: 'Bank' stores have no role in the economy other than being a safe store for the precious metal. It does not own the metals it stores so it has no capital to loan out. The cost of that storage should be taken care of, possibly by taking a percentage of the stored goods.
(26 2009-01-10) Trust in the system
Q: Who is to stop me from continually issuing shares in the hope that I can turn a quick share before anyone finds out I have nothing to back my issuance?
A: The system works on an open personal basis. If someone issues shares he can't deliver on he loses credibility, quality and also commits a crime you can persue in court.
(25 2009-01-10) Way to denominate a service type share
Q: If I am a dentist, and I issue hour-shares to trade for other share types. What would be an appropriate number of shares to issue per day? I suppose it may coincide with the number of hours you work per day. Should someone be restricted on the number of shares they can issue at any point in time? And, who is to stop me from continually issuing shares in the hope that I can turn a quick share before anyone finds out I have nothing to back my issuance?
A: It you are a dentist it makes sense to issue shares for consults, either in terms of time or in terms of consults-treatments. Either way you will have to be a normal dentist.
(24 2009-01-10) Control of data and countrefit
Q: Also, who will be in control of the database containing your share codes? It seems there must be a way to have a decentralized means of verification, of course while still deterring counterfeit shares.
A: If the shares are createdin the system they can not be couterfitted without the issuer being known..The central database can be audited and backed up with little chance of data loss. The system can only be used by people that know each other, but basically is fully transparent
(22 2009-01-06) Central issueing
Q: If you are to use hour-credits as your currency, what is the base worker productivity to use as the basis for a single credit, and also how would you be able to confirm and issue credits without the use of a central issuing mechanism?
A: Tubecoin allows any currency. The skill of the worker can be assesed though conventional means. Also there is a role for stores of goods for which shares have been issued.